The Relationship Status

Relationship Status: SINGLE

There it is, for everyone out there to see. Well, not exactly. On my current (on hold, while deactivated) profile I chose not to display any relationship status on my page. Therefore, my friends actually cannot see if I am single, in a relationship, complicated, engaged, or married. So, what does each status portray?

ENGAGED/MARRIED: Not to state the obvious, but this relationship status usually means as it says – the person is either engaged or married. However, younger generations often see it as a way to hide the fact they are single by being married to one of their good friends. I cringe as I type this, sophomore year I was one of those people, married to a friend. Okay, moving on because I like to forget about the Facebook faux pas I made as a youngin’…

IN A RELATIONSHIP: In our generation, and yes it is sad – but true, a relationship isn’t completely official unless it is on Facebook. Although it becomes “official” on Facebook, this status usually is a cause of many problems in relationships. Some issues include, and are not limited to: one person having the relationship status shown and the other not or one not accepting the other’s relationship request. If it is a new relationship, everyone will become aware once made public on Facebook. If the relationship has broken, everyone will become aware once made public on Facebook. When the status goes from “in a relationship” to “single,” it is clear something has happened and it becomes hurtful. I hate to be that girl, but what are you supposed to do when a friend is dumped and you heard about from …. Facebook?! Imagine the phone conversation, “Hey Friend, I saw you aren’t in a relationship anymore on Facebook, do you want me to bring you some ice cream?” Awkward. There can be a lot of heartbreak and pressure there. An article I found stated that when a guy broke up with his girl, he received about 400 messages/calls/etc. just because he had changed his status. Will this be the future of society’s relationships? Oh I hope not!

IN AN OPEN RELTIONSHIP/ IT’S COMPLICATED: I put these two together because I am honestly not sure why these are choices. First of all, does anyone really how to define an open relationship? Shouldn’t you just classify yourself as single? And is it true that people actually want to show their complicated relationship on their profile? These options seem odd to me, but these are also very popular amoung the younger crowd to connect with their good friends. “Sarah is in an open relationship with Suzie,” again hiding the fact they are both single OR in fact one may be in a relationship, but does not want to end his/her friendship relationship. (*Another tricky situation: How to end a friendship relationship? It can be a little uncomfortable, but you just have to realize you are just taking it down from the internet – you are not actually ending your friendship.)

SINGLE: Following from the statement above, this may show a clear sign to everyone that you are single and out there. This may also just be a personal choice to show your relationship status. Along with your status you can also post “interested in:” friendship, dating, a relationship, networking. I had to have one of my friend’s look that up for me, because if I remember correctly, the older Facebook had more options for interested in, such as, “whatever I can get” or “random play,” thank goodness these options were removed.

NO STATUS: This is what my profile is currently. It creates no drama and for some, it creates mystery. Others just don’t want it to be displayed, period.

No matter what your status, each individual likes to express themselves differently. I would like to know what your status is and why you chose to display it that way. Comment below!


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  1. ochibi says:

    nice article i linked this to my blog, thanks

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